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Leadership Academy

For education leaders who inspire innovation

What you'll do:

  • Explore leadership principles that promote continuous innovation.
  • Collaborate with fellow leaders to develop new insights and creative solutions.
  • Develop a Digital Strategy with the help of Apple Leadership and Strategic Resources

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Learning Academy

For any teachers that wish to enhance their own skill sets

What you'll do:

  • Explore impactful uses of technology through Apple Education resources.
  • Discover professional learning strategies that inspire growth and unlock potential.
  • Create an action plan to promote innovative teaching practices.

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Both courses include...

  • 2 Full Days of Hands-On Activities
  • The creation of practical education resources
  • Engaging modules lead by an Apple Professional Learning Specialist
  • Collaboration and Networking

Attendees must...

  • Bring their own iPad with the Latest iOS Downloaded
  • Bring any additional relevant resources to the course (existing Digital Strategies etc)
  • Be prepared to collaborate on ideas and approaches
  • Attend both days
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