The iPad screen protector for creators and doers.
Draw and write like on paper.

Design like a Pro

Paperlike iPad screen protectors are perfect for designers and artists. Optimised for drawing and writing, the Paperlike screen has the ideal amount of friction, so you can continue your artistic creations for longer, without drag and with optimal accuracy. Your Apple Pencil tip will feel like it's gliding on paper, not writing on glass.

Your travel companion

iPads are the professional’s best friend, ideal for meetings, travel and people on-the-go. The digital companion needs protection from drops, scratches and more. Paperlike is designed to do all that, whilst also reducing muscle fatigue, due to its thin design.


It will make you feel like you are writing in a notebook, for smooth, instant business operations. Perfect for the iPad Pro and iPad range, for that natural iPad feel.

Paperlike Screen ProtectorPaperlike Screen Protector

For everyday

Paperlike's superior display quality, never disrupts the experience of watching Netflix or YouTube. And the matte, anti-glare finish allows for easy viewing no matter where you are, perfect for the beach.

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