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Pipetto Origami Cases at Select UK

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Designed exclusively for Apple, Pipetto's range of origami folding style iPad cases, are perfect for multiple environments. Get position perfect for facetime and video calls, scroll casually on the bed or on the sofa, or take a portrait position perfect selfie, and more.

For office workers, or anyone working from home, there are 2 positions for typing and viewing (same as Apple's Smart cover), which makes it ideal for professionals. ...

The best-selling origami cases are designed for people on-the-go, perfect for soft surfaces or trays, the 5-in-1 stand makes iPad usage easy, no matter where you are. It also packs a punch when it comes to keeping your kit safe with its shock absorbent TPU shell, internal air pockets and magnetic front cover.

Our iPad cases are also made using our new range of custom materials that are 100% Certified Antibacterial. They have been created by infusing an antimicrobial agent into the materials at source, so that they'll never wipe off or lose potency and remain independently certified to kill 99.9% of bacteria for the life of the case. It also has a wipe-clean finish and auto sleep-wake functionality to extend your battery life, giving you up to 20% longer use between charges. Pipetto iPad cases are slim, modern, and durable, so why not buy at Select Online today?

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